Dream on

      It was a dark and cold windless night when the Williamson’s Masquerade ball ended. I wrapped my satin cape around my shoulders and tightened it around my neck. As I began walking down the dirt path back to my cottage, I looked up into the starry night sky and peering through the lengthy branches was the shimmering light of a full moon. 

I continued walking a few more miles until I felt a sudden chill run down my spine. With a quick glance behind me, the rustling of the tree branches and fallen leaves where the only thing floating behind me within the darkness of the woods; Yet I still felt that something was behind me and that something was following me.

Next thing I knew, a ghastly howl rang throughout the night sky scattering the owls that sat perched on the branches. I started to quicken my pace down the dirt path to distance myself from the howl, but it seemed as if the faster I ran the closer it got. Trying to run as fast as I could, a vast shadow swooped over me covering the light of the moon and blocked my path. At that moment, I knew this beast like creature  had finally caught me. As he pinned me down to the ground, its familiar features started to illuminate by the moon’s iridescent light.   


Dreams are successions of images, ideas, emotions and sensations that usually occur involuntarily in the mind during certain stages of sleep.

     Some people believe that when you dream, that your dreams are sending you messages through your sleep. Some say that you cant remember your dreams and that focusing on them are pointless. I was reading Time Health about dreams and some of their scientific finds show that focusing on your dreams are very positive and healthy for the mind. It also talks about how Carl Jung and Sigmund Freud views on dreams and their research findings about them.


(link to the Time Health article. It’s a good read.)

Ancient Egyptians

The Egyptians were strong believers in dreams and the powers that they held good and bad. They even documented their dreams. Red for bad dream and good written in black.

The Greeks

The Greeks had a ritual that they would partake in to send for the gods they wanted to talk to in their dreams. They would enter a cleansing temple and lay on the animal they sacrificed in hopes of receiving an insightful dream.

Hebrews and Babylonians

Both believed that good dreams came from God and bad dreams from evil spirits or demons. Both feeling religious connections to their dreams.

     When it comes to my dreams, I remember just about each one of them vividly. Some a little too vividly if you ask me lol. I can retell you my dreams as if they were to have come from a television show or straight out of a book. One of the many things I love about remembering my dreams, is that I can go online or to the bookstore and look up the meanings to my dreams. One thing that I hate, is when my dreams pin my many fears and keeps me awake all night, because that’s all I see when I try to close my eyes. (Stupid Snakes and cliffs!!)  Sometimes I even feel as though I’m connecting with my departed loved ones in my dreams and getting to talk to them one more time and that helps to bring a sense of peace to my mind. 


This is the book that I use to look up and define my dreams.

You can use whatever book you want. This is just one of my many fave lol.

I know that dreams have different meanings for different people and I’m curious to see what everyone’s thoughts are on this. Comment and Let me know.



I See

I look through the window to see everyone laughing, drinking champagne, dressed to the nine’s as if they lived in a tiny glass house of perfection.

   Everyone in their life has wished to live life a certain way. In that perfect life are you happy? Is it exactly the way you wanted it?

    In my picture perfect glass house, I am schmoozing it up with the who’s who around the world. I’m dressed in a gorgeous sweetheart red gown at floor length with rhinestones outlining the whole edges of the dress and my hair in loose curls. I’m also walking down a castle staircase into a library styled like Beauty and Beast.


    Anytime I get an inch close to that world, I realize that, that’s not who I am. That my heart of hearts is telling me that this is not for you, you are not like them. Stay true to who you are (Mufasas voice). No matter how close I became, my eyes would open up like a shutter and my mind would click on to tell me, Don’t do it!! (Morgan Freeman’s voice). Does that mean that my little house of perfection is nothing but fake and filled with fake people who to are living in a perfection glass house themselves?

So maybe the little glass house of perfection is best to stay as the little house of mental perfection.